3M Comply Autoclave Steam Chemical Integrator - Pack of 100

3M Comply Autoclave Steam Chemical Integrator - Pack of 100

3M Comply Steam Chemical Integrators consist of a paper wick and steam and temperature sensitive chemical pellet contained in a paper/film and foil laminate envelope. Steam enters the permeable topside of the device - the chemical pellet melts and migrates as a color along the paper wick; the distance or extent of migration depends on exposure to steam, time, and temperature. The migration is visible through a window marked Accept or Reject. The color should enter the Accept window for an Accept result. If the color has not entered the Accept window, a reject result is indicated.

Used in all 245-280°F/118-138°C steam sterilization cycles.

3M Comply EO Chemical Integrators consist of color chemistry on an absorptive strip contained in an envelope of paper/film/foil sealed on all but one side. Ethylene oxide (EO) and moisture enter the unsealed side of the integrator and turn the strip at that point from yellow to blue. The distance or rate of migration of the blue color is influenced by all the critical parameters of EO sterilization (i.e., EO concentration, relative humidity, time and temperature). The blue color migration is visible through windows marked Accept or Reject. For an Accept result, the strip inside the integrator will turn blue and enter the Accept window. If the blue color has not migrated into the Accept window or any yellow color remains in the Reject window, a Reject result is indicated.

This chemical indicator can only be used in warm 120-145°F/49-63°C and cool 85-100°F/29-38°C cycles in EO/HCFC gas mixture sterilization processes.

  • Integrates all critical parameters of steam and EO sterilization to provide a convenient way to monitor proper sterilization process conditions.
  • Distinct "Accept" or "Reject" readout provides confidence that the results were read correctly.
  • Immediately identify problems in specific packs in the load.
  • Convenient small size to fit all packs.
  • Non-toxic chemicals are contained in an enclosed system, so there's no need to worry about contamination of sterile items.
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