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Vision Testing Equipment

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The Graham Field Snellen Plastic Eye Chart features a non-reflective, matte finish with green and red color bars. 20' distance. 22" x 11".


The Optec 5000 conducts simple, accurate, and repeatable visual screening tests in a few minutes. In addition to the ability to screen under a variety of conditions, including monocular, binocular, near, distance, and daytime.


Tech-Med Eye Charts feature a non-reflective matte finish, however the pocket eye chart features, durable, laminated plastic.

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Welch Allyn iExaminer Adapter is a potable adapter that attaches to the PanOptic Ophthalmoscope allowing you to capture, store, retrieve, and print images of the eye from any clinical environment for improved workflow efficiency and low-cost documentation

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The RetinaVueâ„¢ Network is designed for healthcare providers who want to improve management of patients with diabetes.

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The Welch Allyn VS100 Spot Vision Screener is a handheld, portable device designed to help users quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients from 6 months of age through adult.

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