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Urine Chemistry Testing

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Germaine Laboratories AimStrip Urine Analyzer is CLIA waived and used for the semi-quantitative detection of the following analytes in urine: Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone (Acetoacetic acid), Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, and Leukocytes


The Pro Advantage Urine Analyzer is a portable urine chemistry analyzer exclusively for reading Pro Advantage Urine Reagent Strips.


The Siemens CLINITEK Status Connect Urine Chemistry Analyzer System brings connectivity and testing oversight to point-of-care urinalysis for improved risk management. Includes Clinitek Status+ Urine Chemistry Analyzer, Connector and Barcode Reader.


The new CLIA-waived Siemens CLINITEK Status+ Urine Chemistry Analyzer is the latest addition to the CLINITEK family, the most widely used urinalysis brand worldwide.


The Uri-Trak 120 Urine Analyzer is an economical system that allows physician offices and laboratories the accuracy and consistency of advanced technology in urine chemistry testing.

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