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The ADC Adimals 426 Digital Thermometer features a jumbo, easy-to-read display. This thermometer comes in three different, colorful Adimals characters to entertain and comfort children.


The ADC Adtemp 10 Second Digital Thermometer features a rigid probe and a two piece case that is water resistant and durable.


The ADC Adtemp 412 Digital Thermometer features a unique, translucent housing with an integral case making it an ideal replacement for mercury filled glass thermometers.


The ADC Adtemp 413 Digital Thermometer features a compact design, measuring under 5" long and only 11 grams. This thermometer is color coded blue for oral use and red for rectal use.


The ADC Adtemp 415 Flex Digital Thermometer is designed to be an excellent replacement for mercury thermometers. This thermometer is ideal for pediatrics due to its flexible tip, which also increases patient safety.


Provides an accurate 6 second non-invasive temperature reading at the forehead making it ideal for pediatric patients. Cost effective design makes it ideal for institutional use


The ADC Adtemp 8 Second Digital Thermometer features an extra large display, a flexible tip, and long battery life. This thermometer also comes complete with its own storage case to help protect it.


The ADC Adtemp Hypothermia Thermometer is the first digital extended range thermometer that comes with a clear plastic, two-piece storage case.


The ADC Adtemp S.P.U. Digital Thermometer Kit feature both an Adtemp thermometer and 20 Adtemp sheathes for acute care single patient use.


The most compact Tympanic thermometer on the market. Measures core temperature instantly from the ear reliably and accurately.


The ADC Adtemp Veterinary Thermometer features a rechargeable battery that has an auto-off function to help conserve battery life so it can last up to 1,500 measurements.


The ARC InstaTemp MD is a non-touch thermometer with a digital infrared sensor from European medical technology company, ARC Devices specifically designed for use in clinical settings where taking accurate temperature readings safely and accurately is paramount.


Speed and accuracy aren't just a prediction, they're a promise. Introducing the Kendall Filac 3000 Electronic Thermometer.


The Genius 2 infrared tympanic electronic thermometer is the gold standard in thermometry.


With the Filac FasTemp Electronic predictive thermometer, you no longer have to choose between speed and accuracy. Filac Advanced Sensing Technology - the "FAST" System - is a patent pending technology.


Alaris Turbo Temp Thermometer for the GE Healthcare Dash 2500 Vital Signs Monitor.


LinkTemp non-contact infrared thermometer provides and instant and accurate way for clinicians to take temperature without contact in a multi-patient environment where efficacy, accuracy and efficiency matter every day.


The Pro Advantage dual scale thermometer provides a digital readout in approximately 60 seconds.


The Geratherm mercury-free glass clinical thermometers are the only glass thermometers that function just like a standard mercury thermometer, without the dangers of mercury or the need for batteries. They are a safe, accurate alternative.


The Geratherm mercury-free glass clinical thermometers are the only glass thermometers that function just like a standard mercury thermometer, without the dangers of mercury or the need for batteries. They are a safe, accurate alternative.

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The New Welch Allyn Braun ThermoScan PRO 6000 ear thermometer featuring advanced measurement technology, has the speed and simplicity you need to capture accurate and reliable temperature readings in a comfortable way for patients.

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The new Braun ThermoScan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer has the speed and simplicity you need for accurate, reliable temperature readings.

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In fast paced environments where speed and efficiency matter, the Welch Allyn CareTemp Touch Free Thermometer is a valuable screening tool for many clinical settings.

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The new Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer with 4 ft Cord has the speed and accuracy you require, and the versatility you need for use with all your patients, all the time.

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The Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer is easily operated and provides reliable readings with improved accuracy. It also reduces cross-contamination risk with its removable probe well.

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