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The 3M Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope is a lightweight stethoscope that offers Ambient Noise Reduction technology which reduces ambient noise by 85%. This stethoscope also features sound amplification by up to 24x and reduces frictional noise.


Outstanding acoustic performance and exceptional versatility characterize the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope. The innovative design offers a tunable diaphragm on each side of the chestpiece. The large side can be used for adult patients, while the...


The Littmann Cardiology STC stethoscope's innovative design allows easy movement and handling by the health care provider while still providing Littmann stethoscopes outstanding acoustics.


Two-sided models offer high acoustic sensitivity with traditional bell/diaphragm chestpieces and are designed and sized for children and infants.


Two-sided models offer high acoustic sensitivity with traditional bell/diaphragm chestpieces and are designed and sized for children and infants.


Featuring a two-sided chestpiece, the Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope offers high acoustic sensitivity. A tunable diaphragm on one side augments the traditional bell function of the opposite side.


A general purpose stethoscope that provides reliable acoustics for basic blood-pressure and limited physical assessment.


The excellent acoustic sensitivity of a tunable diaphragm is the hallmark of the low-profile Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope. Award-winning design combines high performance with portable convenience in this single-sided stethoscope.


The 3M Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope features a 32" long tube with an ergonomic design and anatomically designed headset. This stethoscope has pressure-based sound frequency adjustment with a tunable diaphragm.


A convenient, tunable diaphragm in a single-sided, coated alloy chestpiece providing reliable and clear acoustics.


The ultimate acoustic stethoscope


A convertible scope that combines the versatility of our Sprague with the acoustic excellence of our 602


One of the finest acoustic scopes available, the 602 Cardiology model combines precision crafted performance with rugged durability.


One of our most popular acoustic scopes, the 603 combines outstanding acoustic performance with rugged durability.


Legendary acoustics, performance and exceptional functionality for pediatric care.


Exceptional functionality for infant care.


The ADC Adscope 606 Ultra-Lite Cardiology Stethoscope offers a cardiology stethoscope that weighs only 4.5 oz.


Combining AFD technology with a convertible design makes the new Adscope 608 the most versatile of our Clinician scopes.


The ADSCOPE-lite™ is an affordably priced stethoscope that combines superior acoustic response with an ultra-lightweight design.


Pediatric version of our legendary multifrequency scope.


Our finest clinical multifrequency scope.


Our newest pediatric multifrequency scope with a fresh face!


Our exclusive design features an improved valve mechanism that virtually eliminates acoustic leakage and a chestpiece key to facilitate after market service.


Combining legendary acoustics with classic styling, ADC’s special edition gold plated Adscopes™ are as striking as they are functional.


ADC’s legendary Sprague with stealth black chrome for a striking appearance.


ADC’s legendary Sprague with a lightweight single tube design for greater comfort and convenience.


Who said a stethoscope can’t be fun too?


The first disposable scope with performance so good you might want to keep it.


The lightweight version of our world famous multi-frequency scope.


Our exclusive design with tradtional 16” length

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