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Pulse Oximeters

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The ADC Adimal Pediatric Pulse Oximeter features six different display modes with ten different brightness settings so that the child friendly instrument face can be customized to the patient's liking.


The ADC Diagnostix 2100 Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a portable, battery-operated pulse oximeter for monitoring blood-oxygen and heart rate.


The AUTOCORR PULSE OXIMETER looks at pulse oximetry data in a unique way instead of relying on a voltage threshold. The result is reliable readings making it a perfect solution for your most challenging environments.


The BCI 3301 HAND-HELD PULSE OXIMETER quickly and reliably delivers pulse oximetry wherever spot-checking is needed... including EMS, physicians offices, outpatient clinics and hospitals.


The BCI SPECTRO2 Pulse Oximeter is a reliable and flexible device that offers dependable results. This continuous monitoring device displays SpO2, pulse rate, signal strength, and Pulse amplitude Index (PI).


The Nellcorâ„¢ portable SpO2 patient monitoring system, PM10N, is a convenient, handheld monitor that is ideal for spot-checks or continuous monitoring in various healthcare and home use settings.


Dual color HIGH RESOLUTION easy to read OLED display. Display SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse bar and Plethysmogram. 6 display modes for easy reading from all sides. Low power consumption, automatic power off.


The Oximeter Plus Oxi-Go Pulse Oximeter features a large bright display of SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse bar.

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AstraPulse 3i pulse oximeter features the latest technology in a compact, ergonomic pulse oximeter design.


The Digit® Finger Oximeter delivers fast, reliable oximetry in an extremely handy, pocketsize solution by combining the monitor and sensor into one unit.

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