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Ritter M9 Autoclave

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Introducing the Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave Sterilizer: You load it, set it and forget it. Select your cycle and the time is set for you. Choose between the Ritter M9D AutoClave and Ritter M9 UltraClave.

Cycle OperationAutomatic
Please NoteThis manufacturer does not allow us to sell to a dental facility.
SKU 4443-M9
Manufacturer Midmark / Ritter Authorized Dealer

The only difference between the Ritter M9D Autoclave and the Ritter M9 Ultraclave is the automatic door. With the Ritter M9D AutoClave, the door has to be manually opened to release the steam. With the Ritter M9 Ultraclave, the door will open automatically to release the steam.

The Ritter M9 - Load It... Set It... Forget It

Introducing the Ritter M9 UltraClave Autoclave Sterilizer: You load it... set it... and forget it. Select your cycle and the time is set for you. Press "Start" and the Ritter M9 Ultraclave fills with the correct amount of water. Once the sterilization process is complete, the door opens automatically and quietly to dissipate the steam to give you fast drying time for your instruments. The Ritter M9 is real convenience!

The Ritter M9 Autoclave also has easy front access for filling and draining. It has controls that are easy to understand.

Self Program Controls

The Ritter M9 has programmable controls that allow for creation of different cycle parameters for special sterilization needs. Programmable buttons allow you to change the following: Time (3 to 90 minutes), Temperature (230 to 275º F), Dry Time (0 to 60 minutes), Vent (slow or fast) and two program buttons. The #1 and #2 buttons allow you to store the change if desired.

Pre-Programmed Controls

The Ritter M9 has four pre-programmed sterilization cycle controls: Unwrapped (132º C or 270º F for 3 minutes), Pouched (132º C or 270º F for 5 minutes), Packs (121º C or 250º F for 30 minutes), Handpiece (Dental Handpiece use only)

LCD Display

Indicates cycle selected, temperature and exposure time for selected cycle. During the cycle, the display shows messages describing status of cycle. When the cycle enters sterilization mode, remaining time is displayed as well as temperature and pressure.

Cycle Start

(Initiates selected cycle)

Manual Stop

(Terminates selected cycle or function)

The Ritter M9 - The Right Thing to Do

You and your staff's time is precious, so why waste it? Break free from your autoclave with the reliable and efficient Ritter M9 UltraClave Automatic Autoclave and spend your time on more important tasks. Make the industry-leading autoclaves your choice for sterilization and have peace of mind.

What do you want in a autoclave?

  • Patented automatic opening door for fast instrument drying
  • Fast and easy use for efficient instrument processing
  • Reliable and effective for quality infection control
  • Maximum space utilization and a complimentary design for your sterilization area

Our full line of autoclaves address all of your important critical cleaning needs. In fact, we're sure you'll find a Ritter autoclave that's just right for your practice.


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Reviewed on April 1, 2013

Excellent. Easy to use. Easy to maintain.

Reviewed on July 27, 2012


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