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The LW Scientific DM Dual Mag Stereoscope goes beyond the demands of educators and is built to withstand daily use by students or hobbyists. The DM is the best quality dual-magnification scope in the dental, electronic, and industrial markets.


The LW Scientific i4 Epi Lumin Microscope is a multi-purpose microscope that features integrated LED technology for both bright field and epifluorescence microscopy to provide superior clarity and crisp imaging


The LW Scientific i4 Infinity Microscope features exceptional optical quality and expandability with cool, long-life LED illumination and a 30-year anti-fungal coating.

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The LW i4 Semen Evaluation Microscope is the complete package for live specimen microscopy making it perfect for veterinarians or fertility clinics. The heated stage allows motility analysis to be performed at 98.6º F and can be set up to 110º F.


The LW Scientific Inverted Infinity Trinocular Microscope is able to perform intricate and varied applications for vital tissue cultures. It is perfect for observation and education or for professional research in a clinical lab.


The LW Scientific Mi5 Epi Lumin Microscope offers superior clarity and crisp imaging with its integrated LED technology for both bright field and Epi-Fluorescence microscopy, and was developed for use in a broad range of applications.


The LW Mi5 Infinity LabScope is a modular microscope that can be used in a variety of applications from routine research and lab inspections, to more specific healthcare applications such as pathology, cytology, oncology, hematology, and gynecology.


The LW Scientific Mi5 Polarizing Infinity Microscope is an essential tool for synovial fluid analysis, and also functions as a flat-field, laboratory-grade microscope for routine cytology, hematology, urinalysis, etc.


The Revelation III professional-grade microscope is a best-seller into physician and veterinarian clinics, as well as universities and medical schools. The Revelation III is the choice for superior performance at a great value!


The LW Scientific Student Advanced Monocular Microscope is great for the classroom that needs more than just a basic microscope with standard upgraded features including a fluorescent light source and an ABBE 1.25 NA condenser with an iris diaphragm.


The LW Student Pro LED Monocular Microscope is the "professional grade" of student scopes with lab quality advanced features such as, built in mechanical stage, heavy cast alloy, all metal gearing, moveable 1.25 ABBE condenser, and clear DIN objectives.


The LW Scientific Student Standard Monocular Microscope has everything necessary for the middle school or high school classroom with student proof features, such as locked-in eyepieces, and a durable disk diaphragm. Fluorescent illumination. 4X, 10X, 40X.


The LW Scientific Z2 Zoom Stereoscope exceeds the clarity and quality of any zoom microscope available today. The depth of focus, field flatness, zoom parfocality and long working distance improve inspection accuracy and flexibility.


The LW Scientific Z3 Zoom Stereoscope is unlike fixed magnification stereoscopes. The Z3 head features a magnification range of 3.5x to 45x to create 3-D depth with ease, and the ability to change and customize magnifications with a simple twist of a knob

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