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Innovative blood sampling products for home and clinical use.


Assure Haemolance Plus Safety Lancets are designed to protect both patients and healthcare professionals from accidental needle stick and cross-contamination. They feature a tri-bevel needle and rapid needle retraction, meeting OSHA requirements.


Assure Lance Lockout Safety Lancets are used to collect capillary blood samples, and meet OSHA requirements for needle stick safety. They automatically lockout after use so that injuries and cross-contamination are prevented.


Microtainer Contact-Activated Lancets have a very small contact point that is only activated when pressed against the skin making them comfortable and safer for patients and staff. These lancets have a consistent puncture depth providing greater accuracy.


BD Microtainer Quikheel Lancets help to minimize pain in newborn heelsticks with one-handed activation and precise incision points. These lancets are perfect for PKU, cycstic fibrosis, and other newborn screening tests. Color coded sizes.


Sterile, single use Ultra-Fine II Lancets are ultra-thin for greater comfort. Their easy-to-handle, cylindrical shape fits most lancet devices such as BD Ultra-Fine Lancing Device, SoftTouch, Penlet, FreeStyle, Medisense, Microlet, and Autolet Mini.


Germaine Laboratories AimStrip Plus Lancets are packaged sterile and are for use with AimStrip Plus Blood Glucose Test Strips and Meter for testing blood glucose levels.


Germaine Laboratories AimStrip Plus Lancing Device is for use with AimStrip Plus Lancets.


Acti-Lance Safety Lancets have a closed body which makes them sterile since the needle remains covered until just before the test. The button permanently depresses after use but remains enclosed so there is less risk of needle stick.


Medlance Plus Safety Lancets have ultra-sharp needles and use a low triggering force to ensure a gentle comfortable puncture. These sterile, single-use, self-destructing lancets do not have to be pre-loaded, and keep the needle concealed until use.


Owen Mumford Unistik 2 Extra Single-Use Lancets are for use on tougher skin or for larger samples such as haemoglobin and cholesterol.


21G safety lancet for normal skin types and standard tests. .4mm Penetration Depth. Yellow.


Specially ground 21G needle for even larger samples and multi-test situations. 3.0mm Penetration Depth. Burgundy. Box of 100.


Unistik 3 Gentle Safety Lancets are designed to ensure the highest level of safety for healthcare professionals and patients. The Unistik 3 needle point is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid needlestick injuries. 30G. 1.5mm.


This Pro Advantage Pressure Activated Safety Lancet is for obtaining larger blood samples for testing glucose, hemoglobin, cholesterol, blood type studies, coagulation, blood gas and others.


Healthcare professionals can help enhance staff and patient safety and simplify compliance with OSHA requirements for "safety engineered" needle devices with CoaguChek lancets.


UltiMed UltiCare VetRx Pet Lancets are help with the process of checking pets' blood sugar levels and maintaining their diabetes care.

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