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The Integra Miltex Disposable Cervical Dilators are flexible and smooth, latex-free and individually packaged for sterility. Cervical dilators are useful in locating and dilating the external os, cervical canal and internal os of the uterus.


The Integra Miltex Endometrial Sampling Set is a flexible, disposable plastic curette and syringe system. Each set includes a Disposable Curette and a 10 ml Twist-and-Lock Syringe.


The Integra Miltex FirmFlex Endometrial Biospy Cannula is a slightly more rigid cannula ideal for more controlled insertion and sampling in patient cases where atrophic endometrium or post-menopausal patients with stenosis of the cervix is a concern.


The Integra Miltex SoftFlex Endometrial Biopsy Cannula is ideal for one-step standard or routine patient sampling applications where a more flexible cannula is desired. Made of a clear, latex-free and flexible polypropylene outer sleeve with inner plunger


The Integra Miltex Uterine Sound is flexible, latex-free, sterile, and individually packaged. It is marked in metric units.

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