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Goggles & Safety Glasses

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The Safety Eye Goggles feature an adjustable latex, elastic webbing headband and a PVC frame with indirect ventilation. They can be used for splash guard applications and protects against flying fragments, objects, large chips, particles, sand or dirt.


Kimberly-Clark Jackson V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses are lightweight and flexible with a smaller nose-piece and wider bridge for a superior fit. The frames are high quality and durable. They meet ANSI Z87.1+ Impact Standards and provide 99.9% UV protection.


SafeView Frames are made from lightweight, natural rubber latex materials and protect from splashing or spraying of fluids. These are the lose frames for the Kimberly-Clark replacement lenses. They can be easily worn over most prescription glasses.


Kimberly-Clark SafeView Plast Lenses are clear replacement lenses for the Kimberly-Clark SafeView Frames.


Mölnlycke Barrier Protective Glasses have a spherical lens for maximum peripheral vision without distortion. These glasses are lightweight and comfortable with solid brow and side shields for extra protection per OSHA guidelines.


Mölnlycke Barrier Protective Goggles have an optically correct lens with a wrap-around seal and built-in nosepiece for complete optical protection. These goggles can be worn comfortably over eyeglasses, and are vented for coolness.

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