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Ansell Derma Prene IsoTouch HydroSoft Surgical Gloves combine revolutionary skin moisturizing technology with the most advanced latex-free synthetic material to improve hand condition without risk of Type I latex allergic reactions.


Derma Prene IsoTouch Micro Surgical Gloves are made from synthetic polyisoprene, thus alleviating risks of rubber latex allergies. These gloves are ideal for delicate procedures since they are strong, exceptionally dexterous, and tactically sensitive.


The Derma Prene IsoTouch Micro White synthetic polyisoprene, powder-free surgical gloves offer exceptional dexterity, tactical sensitivity, and at the same time, outstanding strength and barrier protection with a special surface to provide extra grip.


The Derma Prene IsoTouch surgical glove features Ansell’s patent-pending SureFit Technology, is powder-free, and made from synthetic polyisoprene. The glove, which is light green in color, offers all the benefits of natural rubber latex without the risk.


Ansell Derma Prene Powder Free IsoTouch Orthopaedic Surgical Gloves are made of ultra-thick synthetic polyisoprene to provide an exceptional fit and comfort in high-risk, trauma, and reconstructive procedures. The anti-slip surface adds to tactility.


The Derma Prene Ultra surgical glove is powder-free and made from latex-free neoprene which makes it safe for latex-sensitive (Type I) and chemical-sensitive (Type IV) healthcare professionals and patients.


The Encore Acclaim is Ansell’s premier surgical glove made from natural rubber latex with a continuous polymer coating. It is also powder-free to help eliminate powder-related post-operative complications and powder-related skin sensitivity.


The Encore HydraSoft powder-free latex surgical glove is designed to not break down and to retain moisture and rehydrate your skin, despite continual glove-wearing and frequent contact with astringent hand cleaners and disinfectants.


Ansell Encore Latex surgical gloves are powder-free and made from natural rubber latex so they are not baggy, and are a good fit for healthcare workers and patients who experience allergies to natural rubber latex.


Encore MicrOptic latex, powder-free surgical gloves offer exceptional dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and at the same time, outstanding strength and barrier protection which is ideal for delicate procedures in ophthalmic, micro, and cardiothoracic surgery


Encore Orthopaedic latex surgical gloves have a high tensile strength to withstand the rigors of high-risk, trauma and reconstructive procedures without the complications and sensitivities associated with glove powders.


Encore Underglove latex, powder-free surgical gloves offer exceptional dexterity, tactile sensitivity, outstanding strength and barrier protection when double-gloving is required. Encore Undergloves can be used as an underglove, or for individual use.


Ansell GAMMEX Latex-Free Accelerator Free Sensitive Surgical Gloves offer both comfort and sensitivity with advanced allergy protection for both chemical and latex allergies.


Ansell Housekeeping Latex Gloves have a strong natural rubber latex, embossed, sure-grip surface with a soft cotton flock lining. This makes them comfortable to wear, but also strong enough to stand up to the rigors of everyday cleaning and sanitizing.


Ansell Latex/Nitrile Blend Utility Gloves are powder-free, dependably strong, and diamond embossed for a better grip. These gloves protect hands against acids, oils, disinfectants, detergents, and abrasives.


Micro-Touch Affinity Synthetic Exam Gloves are made from 100% polychloroprene with a polymer coating. These gloves provide the same sensitivity, stretchability, comfort, and fit of latex gloves without the risk of latex associated allergies.


Ansell Micro-Touch E.P. Powder Free Exam Gloves provide extra protection since they are thicker and have extra-long reinforced cuffs. These natural rubber latex, powder-free gloves are hand specific, making them more comfortable and have a better fit.


Micro-Touch Elite Powder-Free Synthetic Exam Gloves are made of stretchable 100% Polyvinyl chloride making them an excellent alternative for latex-sensitive individuals in low-risk clinical settings.


Micro-Touch NextStep gloves provide superior protection and tactile sensitivity, along with the comfort, fit, and advantages of latex. The light green exam gloves are easily worn due to their textured grip and glycerol to nourish skin during use.


Ansell Micro-Touch NitraFree Exam Gloves are amde from premium 100% nitrile rubber to help protect from Type I (latex) and Type IV (chemical) allergies. Proceeds go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of breast cancer research and outreach.


Micro-Touch Nitra-Tex Sterile exam gloves feature a 12” extended cuff and textured fingertips, providing sterile, latex-free, superior barrier protection. This nitrile ambidextrous glove has high elasticity and memory to adapt to the wearer’s hand.


Micro-Touch Nitra-Tex Sterile exam gloves feature a 12” extended cuff and textured fingertips, providing superior barrier protection and grip in a latex-free 100% nitrile exam glove. They are Gamma sterilized a minimum of 25kGy to provide sterility.


Ansell Micro-Touch Nitrile E.P. Textured Exam Gloves have an extended cuff to provide extra protection when dealing with chemotherapy agents, bodily fluids and blood-borne pathogens. These gloves are puncture resistant and textured for better grip.


Micro-Touch® is the brand of examination gloves with state-of-the-art technology inside to assure excellent patient care and services while keeping the wearer ultra-safe.


Ansell Micro-Touch Plus examination gloves are made from natural rubber latex and feature a polymer coating with a textured wet-grip surface to prevent slippage. They are powder-free to help eliminate powder-related sensitivity and complications.


Micro-Touch Plus Sterile powder-free, textured, natural rubber latex examination gloves feature a polymer coating and provide excellent tactile sensitivity, durability and grip that healthcare professionals can expect in both wet and dry procedures.


Ansell Neutralon latex powdered surgical gloves have exceptional tactile sensitivity and are brown in color to reduce glare. Their micro-thin, polymer inner membrane and USP absorbable dusting powder allows them to be easily worn either wet or dry.


No Powder Surgical Gloves are made from latex and are powder-free. The gloves have a straight, unbeaded, reinforced cuff for extra coverage and protection on the forearm; a textured wet-grip finish for superior grip and handling of instruments and sutures


Perry Orthopaedic latex powdered surgical gloves provide extra protection through increased thickness, strength, and tear and puncture resistance. The secure fit of the gloves ensures peak performance during high-risk, trauma and reconstructive procedures


Radiation Attenuation Powder Free Surgical Gloves are made of bismuth oxide in natural rubber latex. These gloves are powder and lead free and are used to shield hands from the harmful effects of scattered radiation exposure during fluoroscopic procedures

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