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Exam and Surgery Lights

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The ADC Adlite Pro Reusable LED Penlight provides bright, white illumination for true tissue rendering and evaluation of the pupillary reflex.


The Bright Light With The Cool Touch. More Features and Value than any Comparably-priced Lamp. Quality Built for Years of Dependable Service.


The Bovie Medical MI 1000 LED Minor Surgery Light is part of the "cutting-edge" MI LED Series. This energy efficient, bright light emits very low heat. This exam light is available in a variety of mounting options.


The Bovie Medical MI 500 LED Exam/Diagnostic Light is part of the "cutting-edge" MI LED Series. It uses less energy than standard halogen lights while emitting very low heat. This compact light is a brighter, whiter, more color-correct light.


The energy efficient System Two LED consumes half the electricity of its halogen counterpart.


The Brewer Eco-Series LED Exam Light is an Eco-friendly LED light that consumes significantly less energy than halogens. The long-life bulb (Approx. 50,000 hours) offers lower cost of ownership. It is cooler to the touch for enhanced safety.


No light in its price category can match the CoolSpotTM II's range of 10,000 footcandles at 24" (61cm) and color temperature of up to 4700 degrees K. It's a sleek upgrade that offers a very compact head and extremely bright output.


The Clinton Industries Gooseneck Exam Light with Chrome Finish is UL approved. It has a grounded three-prong 8' cord, chrome finish pole & base, inner/outer cool shade system, weighted chrome base and a flexible gooseneck arm. The light uses up to a 60 watt incandescent bulb (not included). Height range of 50"-74".


Grafco Deluxe Exam Lamp with Auto One-hand Clutch Lock Adjustment


The Pro Advantage Disposable Diagnostic Penlight features a convenient v-clip and a high intensity prefocused bulb for bright light. This light is operated by two AAA batteries and has a one year shelf life.


Utilizing a single white LED, the Welch Allyn Green Series 300 Exam Light provides a whiter, brigther light than halogen and consumes less energy.


Featuring three LEDs and a wider head, the GS 600 is designed specifically for demanding viewing conditions.


The Welch Allyn Green Series 900 Procedure Light has unparalleled spot quality with six LEDs. This light features exceptional durability and extraordinary maneuverability.


Utilizing white LEDs, the Welch Allyn Green Series Exam Light IV with Table / Wall Mount provides a whiter, brighter light than halogen and consumes less energy consumption.


The Welch Allyn Halogen PenLite Model 76600 features high-quality, halogen illumination in a portable hand-held light.

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