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The Huntleigh Dopplex D900 makes for clear audio sounds of blood flow or fetal heart.


The Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 provides bi-directional blood flow information and documentation.


The Huntleigh Dopplex SD2 provides bi-directional blood flow information and is ideal for ABPI assessment.


This top of the range handheld rate display Doppler features high sensitivity interchangeable probes. 2MHz for general obstetric use, 3MHz ideally suited for detecting the fetal heart in early gestations, and five other probes for vascular applications.


These Huntleigh Sonicaid Audio Only Dopplers have been designed with ease of use in mind. The high sensitivity transducers coupled with clear Fetal heart sounds, enable the clinician to quickly locate the fetal heart.


The Elite incorporates all of the best features of over 20 years of Imex Doppler experience. Mix and match these features to create your Doppler of choice!


The Elite 200 Doppler comes with a heart rate display for both obstetric and vascular applications. It has a 5 years parts, 1 year labor warranty.


The Natus Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Doppler System is a portable counter top/wall doppler system that features easy-to-use touch controls and unique smart-charging stand. This doppler system can be customized to your specific needs with your choice of probes.


The Pocket-Dop II is a full-featured Doppler with interchangeable obstetric and vascular probes. It is a valuable aid in detecting pregnancy and monitoring the fetal heartbeat as well as screening patients for heart conditions.


The VersaLab APM is a portable, economical antepartum monitor for performing non-stress tests. It is the smallest and lightest APM available that features a built-in printer and allows you to perform non-stress testing on 1 or 2 fetuses simultaneously.


The DigiDop 700 and 701 display Dopplers are designed to be tough and last through everyday office use for years and years, and have a backlit display that is easy to see even in extremes like no light or bright sunlight.


The DigiDop 300 and 301 non-display Dopplers have unique, revolutionary and unprecedented features not found in other Doppler systems such as Digital Optimized Processing (DOP).


The Newman Medical simpleABI Automated System for ABI and TBI Testing uses the power of computers to produce the reimbursement reports you need quickly, easily, and accurately. This system eliminates the need for memorization of complex menus or protocols


The Newman Medical simpleABI Automated System for ABI Stress Studies makes exams as easy as taking blood pressures thanks to the automatic index calculations. This system makes ABI and vascular testing simple, fast, and accurate.


The Newman Medical simpleABI Automated System for Segmental Studies makes ABI and vascular testing simple and accurate with the familiar and straightforward user interface of a PC coupled with the new automation of the simpleABI with Cuff Link.


The simpleABI Systems from Newman Medical are designed for basic ABI Studies while being extremely easy to operate and reliable. The systems are able to produce the reimbursement reports you need quickly, easily, and accurately.


The LifeDop L150 is a non-display, hand-held doppler. Includes an obstetrical probe.


The Summit Doppler LifeDop 250 ABI Doppler System is a small, portable, bi-directional doppler with a compact printer that is used for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.)


The Summit Doppler Vista ABI Doppler System is a full-featured ABI system that was designed to make single level exams quicker and easier to perform, interpret, and store. The system is easily navigated using a virtual guide and hand-held controller.

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