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Burdick Eclipse Premier EKG

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Receiving timely, high-quality, and accurate EKG results is critical for patient care. The Burdick Eclipse Premier EKG – our top-of-the-line EKG machine – improves workflow. That means more time for patients and an easier workday for you.

Burdick Eclipse Premier EKG Features

  • Full-size wireless EKG cart
  • 12-lead acquisition
  • Wireless 802.11 Ethernet networks and Pyramis (our flagship HeartCentrix cardiac data management system for the hospital market) communication tools
  • Color matrix display
  • Stores up to 100 ECGs
  • Uses the University of Glasgow EKG interpretation algorithm
  • Warranty: 3-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor

Burdick Eclipse Premier EKG Benifits

Simplicity. The ECG machine is very easy to operate — anyone who has ever done a 12-lead ECG can run it within minutes. Convenience. The full-size wireless ECG cart can be rolled anywhere in the facility: upload orders from your electronic medical record (EMR) system, run cardiac tests, and get immediate results.

Efficiency. Perform simultaneous 12-lead EKG acquisition, preview channels in automatic or manual mode on a color matrix display, and store up to 100 EKGs.

Quality. 12-lead EKG machine produces clean tracings and stable baselines — you'll get an accurate usable readout the first time.

Confidence. The device uses the University of Glasgow EKG interpretation algorithm to consider five clinically significant criteria (gender, age, race, medication, and classification) — it gives you a silent second opinion.

Connectivity. The Eclipse Premier EKG machine is compatible with wireless 802.11 networks and Pyramis and complies with FAA requirements.

Tough. The Eclipse Premier is an EKG machine that is built to last — it's durable and dependable.

Top performance and ease of use make this ECG a winner

Receiving timely, high-quality, and accurate ECG results is critical for patient care. The Eclipse delivers the technology a hospital needs with a straightforward menu interface.

  • Enjoy the simplicity of its one-touch STAT ECGs, color active matrix display with 90-degree tilt/swivel screen, dedicated keyboard function keys, and intuitive shortcuts.
  • Be assured: AccuPrint™ feature will prevent ECG printing if lead wires are not properly attached.
  • Choose to print beat-to-beat R-R intervals on reports.
  • Be confident that the device will recognize and accommodate patients with various pacemakers.

Connect with Pyramis and streamline your workflow

Less admin work – more patient care.

  • With its cutting-edge communications abilities, you can quickly receive orders, transmit test results, and make a diagnosis – anywhere, anytime.
  • Eliminate the hassle of scanning and filing hard copies by transmitting test results directly to your EMR/HIS.
  • Helps you manage patient data at the hospital, office, or home office for your convenience.
  • Further save time and reduce errors with the wristband barcode scanner – a favorite among clinicians.

HeartCentrix and Pyramis - exceptional connectivity solutions

Whether you need to move ECG data either into an EMR/HIS or a comprehensive ECG data management system, HeartCentrix and Pyramis will connect your Burdick® and Quinton® devices. With a single sign-on, you'll be able to download information and orders directly to the ECG and upload test results back to the EMR/HIS.

Burdick Eclipse Premier EKG Connectivity

The Burdick / Quinton Eclipse Premier EKG has powerful connectivity options, partners with many EMR systems, and meets FAA requirements.

Compatible with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless Ethernet networks.

Compatible with Pyramis (our flagship HeartCentrix cardiac data management system product for the hospital market), an optional communications package that provides online storage, retrieval, editing, confirmation, and distribution of 12-lead EKGs and associated reports.

The Quinton Eclipse Pyramis EKG integrates with the host EMR system — with a single sign-on, download patient demographics and orders directly to the Eclipse Premier, perform tests, and then upload test results back to the EMR system for review and distribution. All from the convenience of your hospital, office, or home.

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