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Bandages & Wound Care

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ASO Careband Decorated Bandages are latex-free and stay secure, even when wet. Boldly designed and colorful, these bandages offer soft, flexible plastic that conforms easily to skin with a non-stick pad to protect the wound.


Dukal Non Sterile Cohesive Bandage. 5 yards per roll.


Dukal Wound Closure Strips are an excellent alternative solution for staples or sutures. Each translucent, breathable, thin strip is made of reinforced non-woven fibers that provide incision support to maintain closure with its adhesive backing.


Johnson & Johnson Assorted Adhesive Bandages printed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles print.


Pro Advantage Butterfly Wound Closures easily hold together small cuts and wounds. Latex-Free, sterile.


Pro Advantage Crayon Decorated Adhesive Bandages protect the wound with long-lasting adhesive even when wet. The assorted bandages are sterile, latex-free, and have absorbent, breathable island pad cushions.


Ideally suited for areas where flexibility is important. Absorbent, breathable island pad cushions and protects wound. Long lasting adhesive stays secure even when wet. Latex-Free. Sterile.


Absorbent breathable island pad cushions and protects wound. Long-lasting adhesive stays secure even when wet. Latex-Free. Sterile.

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