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The Integra Miltex AEBLI Corneal Scissors are used to cut corneal and/or scleral tissues during ophthalmic surgical procedures.


Stainless steel blades with colored plastic finger rings for easy identification. Cuts gauze, tubing, clothing, leather, light casts and wet fiberglass casting material.


The Integra Miltex BARRAQUER Iris Scissors have angled 7mm blades with blunt points to aid in ophthalmic surgeries and procedures.


Integra Miltex BECKER Septum Scissors are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and are highly specialized for the ENT Physician.


Integra Miltex Bellucci Alligator Scissors are manufactured from high quality stainless steel in Germany.


The Integra Miltex BELLUCCI Micro Ear Scissors have 4mm blades and a bony finish.


The Integra Miltex BOETTCHER Dissecting Scissors are double edged and curved so they can cut through tissue and bone during surgical procedures.


The Integra Miltex BONN Miniature Iris Scissors are small and sharp to easily perform during ophthalmic procedures.


The Integra Miltex BRAUN Episiotomy Scissors are used to perform episiotomy incisions prior to childbirth. They are angles to the side with a guarded lower blade.


The Integra Miltex BROPHY Scissors are used in plastic surgeries to cut the gums and sutures.


The Integra Miltex BRUNS Plaster Shears easily cut through plaster and bandages with their serrated jaws.


Integra Miltex BUSCH Umbilical Scissors are used to cut the umbilical cord during delivery.


Integra Miltex CAPLAN Septal Scissors are used during nasal surgeries.


The Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert Converse Scissors have angled blades on flat,sharp tips make them ideal for dissection of Nasal tip cartilage, Conjunctival and General Utility use and application.


45 degree angled shanks of the Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert Fomon Dorsal Scissors provide optimum visibility during nasal procedures, while the strong narrow serrated blade design cuts dorsal cartilage effortlessly.


Miltex Carb-N-Sert Goldman-Fox Scissors are a longer and slightly heavier version of the Tenotomy scissors. They have one-serrated blade for optimum tissue grip and that is ideal for wound debridement and other precise dissection of delicate tissue.


The Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert® Gorney Rhytidectomy Scissors have Tungsten Carbide inserts seamlessly bonded to the upper and lower blades. These premium-grade scissors offer precision cutting performance as well as the durability of Carbide cutting edges


The Gorney-Freeman pattern offers a slightly more defined flat-ended tip and angled-open shanks for optimum control and reduced hand fatigue.


The Miltex name is synonymous with premium surgical instrumentation. The Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert Iris Scissors are manufactured of the highest quality stainless steel forgings by skilled German craftsmen to exacting specifications.


The surgical "feel" of our instruments, the superb cutting ability, the smoothly beveled box locks and jaw edges which protect suture material from snags or cutting are just a few features that differentiate and make Miltex products outperform competition


The pattern on the Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert Kaye-Freeman Scissors has open angled shanks for optimum control and reduced hand fatigue.


The Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert Mayo Scissors are sturdy, durable and reliable. The robust and heavier design is used to precisely cut and dissect tough, thick and muscular tissue.


The Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert® Metzenbaum Scissors have Tungsten Carbide inserts seamlessly bonded to the upper and lower blades. These premium-grade scissors offer precision cutting performance as well as the durability of Tungsten Carbide cutting edges


Miltex Blepharoplasty Scissors have a lower serrated blade with a curved, flat tapered tip that facilitates precise undermining of delicate tissue and ideal for general, dermal and various plastic surgery applications.


Miltex Carb-N-Sert general utility scissors with sharp-blunt and blunt-blunt tips are ideal for cutting suture, gauze, tubing, etc. The sharp-sharp patterns are also used for general utility applications but preferred for cutting tendons and cartilage.


The pattern of the Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert Strabismus Scissors is a smaller and more delicate version of a “Baby Metzenbaum”. The rounded tips are useful for small delicate dissection during plastic and general surgery.


Integra Miltex Carb-N-Sert SuperCut Iris Scissors offer outstanding distal cutting capability of tissue.


The Carb-N-Sert Suture-Wire Cutting Scissors have 45 degree angled blades with rounded tips, one serrated blade and wire notched blade make these scissors useful for cutting all types of suture and 26 AWG or smaller wire.


The Carb-N-Sert Z-Type Scissors have a precise form and bend to cut tissue lateral to the uterus and are configured to precisely match the Miltex Z-Type Forceps. Their durability & sharpness are ideal for vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy procedures.


Integra Miltex CASTANARES Facelift Scissors have short and strong blades to aid in facelift procedures.

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